Get license, we’ll flush out quacks, govt tell developers
Get license, we’ll flush out quacks, govt tell developers

Some estate developers have called on the government to flush out developers without license to curb the deterioration of the real estate sector.

BLA Properties urges fellow developers to comply with the regulatory frameworks set up by the Lagos Governments. He made pleads at the two-day real estate marketplace, organised by the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Also, the Chief Executive Officer, MKH Properties Limited, Dr Muibi Hammed, advised the government to get rid of emergency developers who do not go through the proper channels to get licensed before the commencement of their operations in the country.

He said, “The government needs to get rid of those emergency developers who don’t bother going through the right channels, like LASRERA, to get a license before they start working.

“Developers should make it a point to stick to ethical practices, stay updated with industry trends, and actively contribute to the positive growth of the built environment.”

Similarly, an estate surveyor, Olorunyomi Alatise, said the practice of emergency developers or unlicensed developers could have serious consequences on the real estate industry.

He said “Many of these developers lack awareness, let alone adherence, to proper building codes or regulations, leading to unsafe and substandard work.

“This can lead to poor-quality housing and unsafe living conditions, as well as negatively impacting the value of the surrounding properties. The actions of these developers can also damage the reputation of other professionals in the real estate industry as a whole because it’s easy for people to assume that all developers are the same after a disappointment from one.”Many cases of

collapsed buildings in the country have been attributed to developers who cut corners.

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