May Social Media Not Finish You This Year
May Social Media Not Finish You This Year

By Temilolu Okeowo

Good afternoon and compliments of the season ma,

I’m aware that you don’t know me in person but I am one of your daughters. I reached out to you a year ago; you called me on my birthday after I had shared my sexual purity story with you of how abstinence from any form of immorality has paid off for me. I’m happy to inform you that I am done with university and I finished with a First Class Honours. I want to thank you for helping this generation to shun every form of sexual immorality; thank you for being a vessel for Christ and thank you for yielding to Christ. I pray that our good God continues to grant you all the resources that you need to spread the gospel of Christ far and wide in Jesus’ name.

Thank you for helping me remain a virgin at 27; thank you for the godly words and advice you give. Thank you for all you do for us all ma.

God has blessed you so much. I love you ma.

Tobi Ajayi

My darling precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly-celebrated sisters, I welcome you to your dream year! This is the year your almost impossible dreams will come true, the year you’ll start living your dreams. The year you’ll get admission into your dream institutions; the year you’ll get your dream job; and the year you’ll settle down with your dream spouses.

The year you’ll relocate to your dream country; and the year that’ll make you forget your past years of pain, hardship and ridicule.

This year, God will stupendously bless the sexually pure and showcase them to the world in Jesus’ mighty name. Happy New Year.

Let’s be frank, too many youths are in serious trouble today having been dealt with almost beyond repair because their parents depended on their intelligence to live and ignored God when they should have anchored their souls on Him and laid a solid spiritual foundation for their children. Too many girls are not themselves, they don’t even have an idea that they are on the wrong path, much less the ruinous consequences. They’re so carried away by the madness on social media as wonderful as social media is and have their lives spiralling out of control! Like many other youths, they act mindless and sad and their lives keep moving in completely the wrong direction opposite God’s wonderful plan for them just because of the influence of other people on social media. A lot of people failed woefully in fulfilling God’s master plan for their lives last year just because they were so engrossed in following people on social media who unknown to them aren’t as filled with potential as they are. A lot of people simply abandoned their own potential and spiritual energy, which can deliver the world to them, and followed the teachings of irrelevant people on social media. How tragic! Did you know that there’s a timetable for our lives and there are certain opportunities that can never arise again when missed?

Do you know God’s plan for your life this year? Do you have the faintest idea of the magnitude of your greatness yet to be explored? Do you know the battles you may have to fight and the focus you need to have to manifest all God has planned for you? Believe me! From experience, I can tell you that there is some privileged information you need to achieve certain things in life, which all the world’s general overseers put together can never give you because God wants to inform you Himself.

So, this is not about worshipping any man of God but kindling your spirituality. Now, what happens when you constantly drive God away, especially by messing around with your body – the temple of the Holy Spirit – concentrating too much on what goes on in the world out there by making social media your guide and “motigbesional speakers” as they call some of them? Why leave such a wondrous life as you have to time and chance or what someone says?

Why should anyone end up frustrated in a beautiful life God has given us? Are you not tired of all that made life most unpleasant for you in 2023 and years before? There’s more on this coming your way!

To be continued.

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