Abiodun unveils action plan for zero-carbon environment in Ogun
Abiodun unveils action plan for zero-carbon environment in Ogun

The Ogun Commissioner for Urban and Physical Planning, Tunji Odunlami, has said steps have been taken by the ministry in making urban cities in the state zero-carbon environments.

He therefore called on individuals, private estate investors and others to obtain layouts permits before embarking on construction.

Odunlami, who stated this in an interview on Tuesday said, “In particular, to reduce the effect of carbon in our environment, in the last two years, we have paid attention to how our houses are designed.

“First, we ensure and insist that any house design should have greenhouses. Before we approve any plan, we will ensure, by calculating the spaces reserved for Greens, that it is up to 20 per cent of the total land space.

“Some of our reforms have made it possible to obtain approval within seven days unlike before when the price of building materials would have increased before getting the approval.

“We make it so fast so that price increase doesn’t mess up investors’ savings for the project.”

The commissioner said, “This government is not preventing people from investing especially in real estate.

“All we are saying is that for you to build, especially if your land is beyond one acre, and if you are a commercial estate developer, you must lay out that land, and obtain approval before you start asking people to come and buy.

Odunlami added, “We realised that layout permits must be guided by regulations; so we created one principal law and six regulations for physical planning.

“We have a project we tagged building production which was one of those things the agency was doing but not doing well, that is to ensure that houses are built better and stronger so that they can last longer. We now do what we call stage certification of buildings.”

The commissioner also noted that the ministry had collaborated with the Real Estate Development Association of Nigerians to ensure its members obeyed regulations and encourage the environment to be laid out properly, stating that only Pelican Valley Estate had complied with the regulation.

“Since the coming into office of this administration, only one real estate firm has obtained our approval. Only one, and that is Pelican Valley & Brief Estates.”

The commissioner added that the ministry was encouraging people to get their permits as paying for something that gives legality and official recognition to the whole project was the cheapest when compared to the total cost of the building.

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