Adeoye’s lawyer defends police action at Isheri’s saddle club
Adeoye’s lawyer defends police action at Isheri’s saddle club

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A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mr. Olusegun Fabunmi, yesterday, defended the demolition of Saddle club at Isheri-Olowora area of Lagos State, last Thursday by the police. Fabunmi is the counsel to Alhaji Nurudeen Adeoye, who is the alleged owner of 10 acres of land in Isheri-Olowora, including the land on which Ikeja Saddle Club was built.

The silk said the police acted to preserve the subject matter in the course of its investigation of a petition to the Lagos State Special Taskforce on Land Grabbers, following the alleged illegal occupation of the property. The club’s counsel, A.A. Osara, petitioned the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 2, Onikan last Friday accusing the police of “unlawful invasion.” Osara alleged that the disputed land was part of 1969, 7300 Acres Global Acquisition of the Lagos State Government. But Fabunmi described the claims in the petition as “half-truths, loaded with falsehood”.

According to him, Justice Babajide Candide-Johnson of the Lagos State High Court on May 3, 2016 in suit No 1D/1352/2001, declared Princess Josephine Momoh as the lawful owner of the property.

He said: “The judgment was affirmed by Court of Appeal on November 14, 2019, following which Princess Momoh, in the absence of an appeal, got a court order and was lawfully put in possession of the property by the court-appointed Deputy Sheriffs on February 17, 2020.

“A Form O (Certificate of Execution of Warrant of Possession) was also handed over to Princess Momoh on February 18, 2020.”

He said Alhaji Adeoye bought the land from Princess Momoh after due diligence that it was without any encumbrance adding that the judgment creditor was in full, lawful possession.

He alleged that sometime in September, the Saddle Club, which was not a party to the suit, returned to the land and chased away Alhaji Adeoye who was already in full possession.

To prevent self-help, Adeoye reported the matter to the Lagos State Special Taskforce on Land Grabbers, which invited all the parties, including the police and Lagos State Government officials.

Saddle Club, he alleged, could not present to the task force any survey plan excluding the land on which the club was built, from the judgment.

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