I won’t abandon politics for law —Osita Izunaso
I won’t abandon politics for law —Osita Izunaso

Former All Progressives Congress (APC) Organising Secretary, Osita Izunaso, Esq, has said that he will never abandon politics to practice law despite been called to Bar recently.

Speaking on the sideline in Abuja at a dinner organised in his honour to mark the feat, the Imo-born politician pointed out that he is going to combine the two professions.

Asked pointedly whether he is shifting from politics to law, he replied: ‘No, I will not shift from politics to law because we are already in politics but law is only the icing on the cake while the cake itself is politics.

‘However, law is not something I will study and abandon.

‘And I must go through the whole rank of being a lawyer. You will see me in court and other places but not at the detriment of politics. I am going to combine it,’ he emphasised.

On why he went back to school to study law, the APC chieftain said: ‘Law is all-encompassing. Law is about everything. We have medical law, science law, space law, marriage law and environmental law. Law is about everything.

‘Law to me is the basic rudiments of study. That is why you will see medical doctors come back to read law, but you hardly see lawyers go back to read medicine. Because law is the rudiment, root and backbone,’ he argued.

Speaking further on the choice of the discipline, the former lawmaker, said: ‘I give God who enabled me to start and finish the glory. It is something that I believe in, something that is so dear to me, all my life. I know that someday, sometimes I will come back to that law.

‘I am happy that I was able to scale through all the crucibles. You know it is a rope. You move from stage one to stage two until you get to the final stage. So, it is only God Almighty that made it possible for us to finish and today we are telling the story.

‘I will only encourage other people to pursue their passion. Do what you believe in. No time is late for you to pursue what you believe in. People have advised me to work harder. I have always known that the reward for hard work is hard work. When people say you have done well, they are only reminding you that you need to work harder. So I am going to work harder than I have work before.

‘What I can tell those that came to honour me is whatever you believe in, pursue it. There is no time limit for you to achieve your heart desires. And whatever you want to do, do it well. No time is late. Do it well,’ he quipped.

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