A2Justice calls for removal of CCT chairman Danladi over assault on security guard
A2Justice calls for removal of CCT chairman Danladi over assault on security guard
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A2Justice calls for removal of CCT chairman Danladi over assault on security guard
Mr. Danladi Yakubu Umar
The justice sector watchdog, Access to Justice has called on the presidency to immediately remove Mr. Danladi Umar from office as the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), following his recent assault on a security guard in Abuja.
The group said he should be suspended from office to allow for proper investigation of the matter. Alternatively, the group urged Umar to resign from office for gross professional misconduct and charged the presidency to remove him, if he fails to resign.

A statement jointly-signed by A2Justice convener, Mr Joseph Otteh and project director, Deji Ajare on Sunday also called on the National Judicial Council (NJC), led by the Chief Justice of Nigeria, to on behalf of the judiciary, demand the immediate removal of Mr. Umar from office by the presidency, given how his conduct has further tarnished the image of the judiciary.

“The NBA should take disciplinary actions against him by imposing appropriate professional sanctions on him.
“On Monday March 29, 2021, Umar physically assaulted Clement Sargwak, a security guard at Banex Plaza, Wuse, Abuja.

“In a video taken by an eye witness, the CCT chairman was shown repeatedly slapping and assaulting the security guard, reportedly after being provoked by the guard for asking him to properly park his vehicle, to ensure good traffic flow. Mr. Umar has not denied that the incident took place.

“The assault on Sargwak is indefensible and callous, and is a naked and unbridled abuse of power; it is a breach of Mr. Sargwak’s fundamental rights to dignity and the security of his person. Unfortunately, the police have failed to arrest and charge Mr. Umar for assault, signaling once again, the deep flaws and dysfunctionalities of Nigeria’s law enforcement institutions,” the group lamented.

According to A2Justice, Mr. Umar’s conduct has considerably ridiculed and diminished both himself and the Judiciary in Nigeria.

“But this is not the first time he has exhibited rash, pugnacious character. His behaviour is indecorous, unfitting for a judicial officer, an affront to norms of civil behaviour, more so, that expected of a public officer and hugely incompatible with the professional standards of a judicial officer. He further brings the fragile image of Nigeria’s judiciary to more disrepute,” the group declares.

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