2023: ‘Presidency should be zoned to South East to avert break-up’
2023: ‘Presidency should be zoned to South East to avert break-up’
2023: ‘Presidency should be zoned to South East to avert break-up’
A public analyst has made case for the Southeast to produce the next president in the 2023 general elections, saying Nigeria might not escape break-up should the Igbo be denied the Presidential slot.

The analyst, Olorunfemi Omotosho was among some analysts, including Emmanuel Mounye and Comrade Kola Adebisi, who spoke in Osogbo during a media chat, yesterday.

Omotosho explained that all other zones have governed the country except for the Southeast, adding that Nigerians should stop thinking that the Igbos would secede once they taste power at the centre. He said Nigeria has never believed in merits but zoning, stressing, “If we want Nigeria to remain one, an Igbo man should be given the opportunity to become president… No matter the antecedent of the civil war, all of us are guilty with regards to the civil war…

“I strongly believe that one unit (Igbo) can’t suppress the whole of this country.

The remaining five regions won’t allow them to secede, even if they try it after power might have shifted to them. Nigeria is yet to practise democracy…”

Mounye said Nigeria remains better as one, but noted that merit should be considered, even if the country is using zoning for the forthcoming general elections.

“Merit is the best way to go. Pick the best from any zone. Singapore did that and the Asian world is doing that. We are supposed to copy that. We have ethnicised politics…”

He canvassed restructuring, but if it appears difficult for the country to do, then any region that wants to secede should do so because “there is a United Nations law that guarantees any nation to move away. Self-determination is allowed.”

Adebisi demanded that power should be returned to the Southwest. He argued that the Southwest people did not actually elect former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who was used to “pacify the Yoruba people due to the circumstances that surrounded Moshood Abiola’s death.

“We need to understand that these secession agitations are a result of leadership deficit in Nigeria. Be that as it may, we want the power to come to the Southwest. Obasanjo became president to pacify us over the killing of Abiola. He was not genuinely elected by the Yoruba People. We should be given the opportunity to elect our leaders.”

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