“Rotate Presidency Among Six Geopolitical Zones”
“Rotate Presidency Among Six Geopolitical Zones”
General Gowon made the assertions at the weekend during the celebration of the 100 years anniversary of the Barewa Old Boys Association (BOBA) in Zaria.

Speaking on the topic: “Barewa College at Centenary, Past Present and Future,” the former leader recommended that there should be two vice presidents, one from the zone where the president comes from and the other should be elected during the presidential election.

He noted that no ethnic group is better outside the nation than inside as one united Nigeria, saying insecurity is giving the northern region a bad name and image.
“Insecurity is giving the northern region a bad name and image and the need to make the North peaceful again cannot be overemphasized.

“Boko Haram, banditry, kidnapping have threatened the peace and tranquillity needed for educational development in our land.

“Insecurity in any nation threatens development, law and order. Insecurity must be ruthlessly dealt with collectively to pave way for the development of the education sector and development.”

Gowon stressed the need for the nation to be united, saying any attempt to scrap the powers of local governments should be rejected.

On the anniversary he said: “Barewa College has produced leaders in all facets of life. Barewa College alumnus has been working together for the development of the North and Nigeria.

“The federal government and 19 northern states governors support the school and its sister colleges.

“Although the school has also suffered neglect, with a change of leadership it is gradually improving and more hard work is required to sustain the momentum.”

He also advised BOBA to be more concerned about the future of the northern states as the region remains poor according to WHO indices.

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