Eastern Bar Forum Condemns Kidnapping And Murdering Of Members
Eastern Bar Forum Condemns Kidnapping And Murdering Of Members
*Says A Govt Who Negotiates And Rewards Terrorists Is Doom
*Condoles With Families Of Members Killed, N.H. Nwankwo Esq and F.A. Onwuachi Esq.

Eastern Bar Forum, EBF, has Bemoaned the kidnapping and murdering of its members by men of the underworld.

The Forum in its statement signed by the Governor, S. Long Williams Esq, Made available to ASKLEGALPALACE, lamented that it’s hardly a day, where the Forum doesn’t record the case of kidnap or murdering of its member.

He said the recent kidnap and murder of F.A. Onwuachi Esq., a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Otuocha  Branch in Anambra State has again brought to the fore the repeated concerns raised by the Eastern Bar Forum on the security situation in the country.

“Hardly any day goes by without gory tales of kidnap, rape, and murder in Nigeria. Kidnap, murder and rape has become the new normal in Nigeria, and our government whose primary responsibility is to protect the life, limb, and properties of Nigerians is helpless and comatose.

“A few months ago N.H. Nwankwo Esq. former Chairman, NBA Owerri Branch was restricted and gruesomely murdered in his office in Owerri, Imo State. Only a few days ago Frank Onwuachi Esq was kidnapped, tortured and brutally murdered in Anambra State. On 17th March, 2021 Gideon Kpobari Girigiri Esq. of NBA Okrika Branch, Rivers State was kidnapped along, Igbo-Etche Road in Rivers State but was allowed to live again by the whiskers. This is besides numerous other reports and cases of mass kidnappings, murders, rapes, arson and clashes going on in almost every nook and cranny in the country,” the stated.

The Forum has called out to the security agencies as well as the government of the State to brace up to its responsibilities in securing the lives of armless and defenseless citizens.

The statement reads in part: “It’s time the citizens must rise and ask our government to take responsibility and be responsive just like what the Bar in Anambra State has declared. Government must be made to rise up from its deep annoying slumber and act now.

“A country where legitimate government negotiates with terrorist and offer rewards to criminals for criminality is doomed as such actions will breed more criminals and plunge the country into a state of nature. It is sad to note that we have lost it on all fronts as a nation.

“I join the Bar and the good people of Anambra State to say a resounding NO to criminality and government ineptitude in frontally confronting this existential threat. We cannot stand by and allow a handful of criminals overrun us. As it is said in local parlance ” how many dem be sef”

“It is because the government is complacent and ineffective that has made this a monumental challenge. If the government wakes up and take the bull by the horns without sentiments, crime and criminality will be drastically reduced to a manageable minimum.

“I condole with families of our dear colleagues, the Bar in Anambra and Imo States and other Nigerians who have suffered from one security challenge or the other. I urge all Nigerians to stand strong and tall as a unit in confronting this menace. As I have often quoted, ” we may not be responsible for our being knocked down, but we are responsible for getting back up” Rev. Jesse Jackson.”

God bless EBF!
God bless NBA!

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