Anyia Mourns Late F.O. Onwuachi, Esq.
Anyia Mourns Late F.O. Onwuachi, Esq.
— Questions the rising cases of insecurity in the country.

Following the unfortunate and painful demise of Mr. F.O. Onwuachi, a prominent member and first chairperson of the Otuocha branch, eulogies and tributes have been pouring in, one of which is coming from Mr. Sabastine Anyia, Esq.

In a tribute made in honor of the late Chairperson of Otuocha branch of the NBA, F.O. Onwuachi, and made available to ASKLEGALPALACE, Mr. Anyia noted the difficulty in saying goodbye to the former legal luminary, especially given the realization that the deceased died at the hands of kidnappers, thereby making the situation more worrisome and troubling for all and sundry.

He further noted that the manner of death of the late Chairperson, who whilst he was alive had a trait of assisting the less privileged in the society, sends a very powerful but negative message to all hardworking lawyers like the deceased, who also are focused on assisting the less privileged.

‘It’s so painful to say adieu, Frank Onwuachi Esq. How do I say adieu to Frank? When a colleague and a friend died in the hands of kidnappers like Onwuachi did, it sent a dangerously message to other hard-working Lawyers who toiled day and night to help the less privileged ones.’ the tribute reads.

Speaking on the manner of man the deceased was, Sabastine Anyia noted that the late F.O. Onwuachi was’ a committed and devoted Bar man’, whose sense of duty and leadership style saw the mantle of leadership for the Otuocha branch of the NBA rest on him as its first Chairperson, from whence he stirred the branch to greatness, not disappointing his numerous admirers.

‘He was a friendly fellow, always ready to share his wisdom and offer any assistance within his reach. The late Onwuachi was also seen as a ‘great team open person and a jolly good fellow.’
Given the one too numerous death, especially the gruesome ones involving legal practitioners, a recent example being the brutal and primitive murder of another colleague at Owerri, Mr. Sabastine Anyia posed a question on ‘how can Lawyers protect themselves from the cruel hands of these vampires?’

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