Biden is a friend of Africa, says Ransome-Kuti
Biden is a friend of Africa, says Ransome-Kuti
Biden is a friend of Africa, says Ransome-Kuti
Former Executive Director of the Nigeria Network of non-government organisation and Chief Executive Officer of Ransome Properties Nigeria Limited, Yemisi Ransome-Kuti, has described United States President, Joe Biden as a friend of Africa during the apartheid years, and hopes he would always stand up against oppressive behaviour by African leaders.
Speaking about her expectations from the US leader, she said, “We hope he will ensure corrupt officials and stolen funds do not find a safe haven in America. US rejoining the Paris Agreement will benefit our collective efforts to fight the climate change emergency, while his leading the US to rejoin the World Health Organisation (WHO) will benefit Nigeria and the world by guaranteeing a more collaborative strategy in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.”
She said Biden has made human rights a pillar of his foreign policy, support for the rights of the LGBTQ community fits in with that agenda, adding, “I believe dialogue should begin between the Nigerian government and other relevant stakeholders about the understanding and management of this issue. Whatever we may think of them, they are human beings first and foremost.”

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