Property dispute: Okorocha’s son-in-law, Anwuka to be flown abroad after gun shot
Property dispute: Okorocha’s son-in-law, Anwuka to be flown abroad after gun shot
Property dispute: Okorocha’s son-in-law, Anwuka to be flown abroad after gun shot
Son-in-law to former Governor of Imo State, Dr. Uzor Anwuka, who was allegedly shot in Owerri, the Imo State capital, will be flown abroad for treatment after three failed surgeries.

Uzor was shot when ‘thugs’ loyal to the state government attacked former governor Okorocha.

Okorocha, who is also the Senator representing Imo West, was attacked when he went to inspect the alleged looting of one of his properties, the Royal Spring Palm Hotel, seized by the state government.

Speaking when the former governor visited him in the hospital, Uzor, said he had undergone three surgeries without any improvement.

According to him, “on the day of the incident, my father-in-law called me that he was in Owerri to see his seized property and I drove down there to see him. On getting there, I saw a crowd of thugs led by one of the governor’s cousins. They had guns, cutlasses, and other dangerous weapons, they started harassing everyone including my father-in-law (Okorocha).

“It was when they were asked to round us up that they started shooting, I made to climb the fence but I was hit by bullet and I fell into the bush and I was there for several hours before I was rescued and brought to the hospital. I have been in this hospital for six days and my leg has been operated three times but it is not getting better. So I will be going out to get a better treatment”.

Describing the attack as sad, Okorocha, said it was an assassination attempt on his life, stating that his major concern is to save the life of his son-in-law.

“What I am concerned now is about is life, I thank God that he is alive but the report I am getting from the hospital is not quite pleasing regarding the three surgeries so far conducted since his arrival and we are hoping that he should be flown out of the country immediately for further examination. It is really sad, this is an assassination attempt, but I thank God he is alive. We’ve concluded arrangements with the hospital to move him out because they are suggesting that he may need some transplant, to cut some part, but we are hoping it will get better”.

Giving further details on the attack, Okorocha narrated that, “it was a horrible experience because the guys were sent to kill because at a time, the hoodlums masked their faces and can no longer know who is a policeman or a thug, but luckily enough I spoke Hausa language to one of the Police, he asked me to go that nobody will touch me.

“No arrest has been made, it was the people with me who were macheted that were arrested but for now to save the life of my son-in-law is more important to me now than any arrest, the authorities should know what to do. I was a beating galore against my people but I ordered that nobody should shoot”.

Okorocha and his predecessor, Uzodinma, have been at loggerheads following the clampdown on properties linked to the former governor and members of his family by the Imo State government.

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