Ponzi Schemes: Commission To Train Security Agencies, Lawyers
Ponzi Schemes: Commission To Train Security Agencies, Lawyers
In collaboration with the Attorney General Alliance Africa (AGA-Africa), the Securities and Exchange Commission will train law enforcement agencies, lawyers, and the public to prevent Ponzi scheme operations in the country.

A statement by a joint committee of SEC and AGA-Africa in Abuja on Sunday said the training would be a two-day webinar to educate the stakeholders on the prevention and investigation of Ponzi schemes.
The committee noted that the training became necessary as it expected Ponzi schemes to be more prevalent in the increased use of the Internet due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

”The rich sessions are designed to equip participants with knowledge and expertise required to enhance the process of preventing, investigating, and prosecuting cases of Ponzi scheme in Nigeria,” the committee stated.

The committee noted that different stakeholders drawn from various sectors of the country and diaspora would feature at the training.

AGA’s major function is to provide a forum for legal officers to cultivate knowledge, cooperate on legal concerns, and coordinate actions that improve the quality of legal services available to different institutions.

AGA promotes the rule of law and fosters international co-operation in transnational criminal matters.


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