Public Office: A Means Of Serving God
Public Office: A Means Of Serving God

By Hameed Ajibola Jimoh Esq.

Public Office: A Means Of Serving God
Public office to some persons is seen as something else, especially as a means of financial gains! This paper views the public office as a means of serving God, hence, this brief paper!

We must be very sincere with ourselves at any time that we opt for an opportunity in the public service because God Almighty would definitely ask individuals about their stewardship/service while holding the public office, even the office of a cleaner or the security office. If those who hold the public office know truly that they would die one day (soonest or later) and would account to God Almighty, why then do they not give a second thought to their evils or evil acts that they commit in public office?! Why would one kill the other in order to take precedence of opportunities?! Why would someone in public office wish to bring another staff down or kill his or her entitlements?! Why would someone sexually harass and or take advantage of females under him because he is the superior?! Why would someone embezzle public funds for the fun of it?! Why would anyone intend to go late to office and close earlier than the official schedule?! Why would anyone do the work that he was privileged to secure as if it were a form of punishment?! Why would someone cry to secure public service/job and after securing it, feels he is being put to unnecessary stress?! Why would anyone leave his or her house every morning with the intention to secure bribery and perpetrate corruption in his public office?! Only God can tell and reward?! Why can anyone not put God first in all that he does?! Why is God as if nothing in the heart of some if not many in the public service?!

Judicial office is also a form of public office which is also a means of serving God! Therefore, why would a judge serving God sell his judgment for the purpose of personal gains?! Why would a judge not do his best to ensure that justice is served to whom it is due without fear or favour?! Is God not enough to fear?! Why would a judge fear human to disobey the: Omnipotent, Omni-Science, Omnipresent, the All-Knowing, the Most-Powerful, the Lord of man and the Worlds?! Why would anyone holding public office be negligent and or lazy about his official duties?! Why would anyone be of the thought that ‘I can’t kill myself for public service’?! What then is bad if such a person dies for serving the public and as an extension, serving God Almighty?! What is bad if such a person dies serving in his public office and be received honourably by God Almighty than for him to engage in recklessness in holding the public service and becomes blameworthy before God Almighty?! What is bad in going extra mile to accomplish official duties to fulfill all righteousness in the office that one holds in the public service?! Why would a lazy person continue to find joy in working in the public service?! Why is appointment into the public service seen as leisure arena rather than sacrifices for the sake of God Almighty?!

Finally therefore, I wish to advise every person holding public service or intending or ambitious in working in the public service to rather than see the public service/office as just an office for monthly salary and allowances as well as other benefits alone to see the public office as a means of serving God Almighty! May God Almighty continue to make it easy

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