Justice, love in suffering
Justice, love in suffering
By AbduRafiu
Justice and love in suffering
Every believer, whether he is a Christian or a Moslem, expresses confidence in the Mercy and Justice of the Creator. They profess their ardent belief in His Justice. In His Love, a majority are not sure. That they consider a different kettle of fish. Some of those who believe in His Love say it is not evenly distributed. What they summon as their evidence is inequalities, circumstances of birth and variegated opportunities. A great many see life as a gamble. These are even those who give life a thought at all. Many consider themselves too busy and when there is occasional talk about inequalities in life in their presence, they dismiss it as one of those things and they ask that the topic be changed. It has no relevance to their lives. Those who doubt the Love of the Most High blasphemously ask: Why do good people suffer and the wicked prosper?

We did promise to look at the question more closely this week. We must start from the standpoint that the Most High is All-Justice, All-Love and Perfection. What is perfect permits of no improvement and there are no gaps, otherwise it was not perfect in the first place. From the basis of perfection His Love is not deficient, nor is His Justice. With the Creator, therefore, injustice is impossible. As we have made plain on a few occasions in this column, man is not just the body, his blood and flesh. He is spirit. It is the animating essence which has wrapped around him substances of the intervening planes he traversed from the Spiritual Realm to this earth. The unseen part which is the soul forges a connection link through the blood. This is why when a man runs short of blood for whatever reason, the soul walks out which is what is called death. When the blood is poisoned or diseased, or it malfunctions its radiation which serves to hold the body and the soul becomes deficient resulting in the soul again, as it were, walking out.

If I may refer to what we stated last week: The activity of a man which period of maturation takes long may not bring forth fruits for harvesting if the man does not live long for one reason or another. But then, it is his body which expired at the so-called death, not he himself. He himself is spirit, the animating core with finer coverings it picks as it traverses different planes down to the earth which then makes it to be recognized as soul. The soul is, therefore, connected through radiation threads to the man’s activities which have not yet ripened for harvesting. This brings us to the phenomenon called reincarnation. It is a phenomenon which many people do not want discussed or conveniently ignore in tackling mysteries of life, and yet, without the knowledge of it, the Justice of God Almighty cannot be understood. We cannot ignore reincarnation. I hasten to state that in Justice of the Most High lies also His Love. Both Love and Justice are one and inseparable. It is out of Love that Justice is meted out, and from justice love is displayed. A child is disciplined out of love so that he can become a better person. For the sake of justice, the laws of the land make everyone pay for his shortcomings which may even have entailed causing harm to his fellowman. What then is reincarnation?

As you probably suspect, it presupposes the re-embodiment of the soul, that is, the return of a soul to this world to continue its life. But where many people have a problem with reincarnation is in proof that there is another body other than this very familiar flesh and blood body. Yet, all around us, in the neighbourhood, in offices and in the market place, we encounter people whose names give us an idea of the concept of reincarnation. There are Babatunde, Adetunji, Nnenne, Nnenna, Iyabode; Yetunde, Ojetunji. Babatunde translates to the father who has come back; Yetunde, mother has returned; Nnenna, mother of the father that is back. These could not have come from a flight of fancy or some calculation.

It was borne out of experiencing. It goes to demonstrate that the knowledge of reincarnation has existed in many cultures for ages. Even if the family is not correct as to the details about the soul reincarnating, it does not annul the concept and the knowledge. For instance, a child who is born just a few days after the death of its grandfather could not have been the same grandparent. A soul hovering around an expectant mother takes possession of the womb when the pregnancy has gone halfway, that is, about five months. The child named so soon would not have had sufficient time to incarnate in the womb of its prospective mother and born —within five months! The cycle takes much longer. Even then it is the exact details of the incarnating soul that the parents may not have, the name itself is not affected because everyone is the name he bears for at the appropriate time the name is whispered to christening authority which could be the direct parents, any of the grandparents, a friend of the parents or even a neighbour. The child in the womb steers the thoughts of the parents or the naming authority in a particular direction through its radiations that they can’t but heed and regard as its name. An attentive and open expectant mother even hears the foetus spell out its name. There are no accidents in the names. They correspond to the personality. But this may be a subject for a more elaborate treatment in future. It is brought out here to show that there is pre-earthly existence. And as we now know, there are no fresh incarnations; every human being on earth today is a reincarnation.

The word reincarnation is an English word. There would have been no word for it if the knowledge of it has not existed in the English speaking Western World. There have been publications of people who remembered their past earth lives, where they lived, the road there and the circumstances of their deaths, a few of which had been featured on this page two years ago.

As youths, we all may have wondered if the story about all dead people assembling on Judgment Day had any verifiable validity. We must have experienced our biology teacher bringing human skulls, femur, tibia and fibula and the rib cage to the classroom to teach us the skeletal system. These bones were dug up in not one place but in many and they belonged to different people. We must have wondered later as thinking adults how a femur in Ibadan would unite with a skull in Kano, the body that had gone back to the soil and which had been mixed with other sands and used to build a house at Bodija; we must have wondered how it could have found its skin covering to remake the man who must now stand before the Throne of Judgment. Many people still feel this way hanging out for proof. It is impossibility. Such a body cannot be one composed of matter; it must, in fact, be lighter than matter if it is to permeate matter and enter into it as television or radio waves penetrate our locked doors and windows to enter our receiving sets indoors. Such a body can therefore be sensed with material consistent with it. Could it be such a body that Thomas with his finer eyes permitted to open and sensory organs awakening, encountered on the way to Amaus? Could it be such a body that permeated the walls of the upper chambers at the time of the Pentecost? Could it be the voice of such a body that Paul heard on the way to Damascus? Was it a similar voice that was heard by the finer ears opened up for it during the baptism of the Lord by John the Baptist?

Science as coarse as its efforts are would appear to be nodding in agreement. Scientists experimenting with high voltage photography have been known to have hit a stunning result seemingly supporting this position. According to reports on the experimentation in the former Soviet Union, It was an intricate business. In a layman’s language, what happened was that scientists discovered during an unrelated experiment that when ultra violet radiations were beamed on a human body under certain circumstances, they produced photo images not only of the body but of a finer prototype. They next experimented on a leaf, and the pictures were replicated in like manner. Next the leaf was cut into two. One half was thrown away and the other photographed. The half leaf photographed, surprisingly, produced the picture of a half leaf and another finer picture of a whole leaf. In other words, as the experimenters agree, the finer image survived the physical dismemberment of the leaf, indicating “life after death” of the material prototype. Already, the discovery is being touted as offering a good explanation for phantom pains, which sufferers have in limbs or fingers that were long severed. Through mediated unique higher knowledge spreading on earth today it is now known that the finer limbs and fingers survived their material covering, that is the material limbs and material fingers.

The finer impressions are nothing more than the electrical or etheric outlines of the animating core of the material forms. With such recognition, the mystery of many repeated earth lives passes away, leaving only questions of purpose. It may thus make sense that, if in this earth life a man steals or embezzles money and builds himself a mansion or an empire thus bringing suffering and sorrow upon his victims, he will be obliged to return to live under such conditions as had given rise to, grinding poverty, even to be a beggar on the street or by the gates of the palatial castle he stole money to build. The guiding and supporting threads do not allow a wrong or an injustice. They do not heed human opinions or applause or ignorance. A man who perpetrates evil in his neighbourhood who is not caught has only escaped the wrath of the society’s laws this time; he is tied to the radiation consequences of his deeds which have taken on form. Thus his carpet of fate, as I explained two weeks ago, is woven by a species of Nature Beings, the executive servants of the Most High, who serve him with unconditional, unalloyed and absolute loyalty.

A driver who ploughs through the market or a gathering of school children and kills any of them may return, and in his childhood as a school pupil or as a market chief gets killed by another driver with tendency similar to his in his previous lives. A man who preaches violence and armed struggle will in the lawfulness of life be allowed to experience it in fulfillment of his own longing. He will be led to circumstances that will afford him the opportunity to satisfy his yearnings. A man who bombs and maims will be born in a city under siege and air raids!

My drift, therefore, is that the suffering of the good man is a consequence of his past lives—his thoughts, activities and attitude. He is imperceptibly paying back his overdraft. Cover is pulled over our recollection faculties as an act of Grace and Love so that we do not remember the past and then work to the answer. In other words, the good man may be good today either truly or in our perception we do not know enough about him and his past or about anybody’s for that matter. A good man may be presenting what he wants the world to see and believe, but the Law cannot be mocked. Injustice is impossible with the Creator. Since the fruit must correspond with the seed, if he continues in the act of goodness framed with short supplication for strength, the blows of fate lacking in fresh nourishments, will be weakened and dispersed. The binding radiations for atonement will be loosened correspondent to the measure of change that occurred in his life. Eventually, he shall be free for a flight in exaltation into the new—into a new life of joy and happiness! It is said in the revelation of the higher knowledge spreading on earth today that whoever has a firm volition for what is good and strives to give purity to his thoughts has found the way to the Highest. The wicked prosper as he is drawing from his savings, and the fruits of later day sowing have not ripened for harvesting. Adamantine is the Law—for all of us, for all human beings.

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