Industrial Court Appoints Monday Ubani As Trustee For Civil Service Union
Industrial Court Appoints Monday Ubani As Trustee For Civil Service Union

Industrial Court Appoints Monday Ubani As Trustee For Civil Service Union
The President of the National Industrial Court, (NIC) Justice B.B. Kanyip has appointed Mr Monday Ubani as public trustee to manage the affairs of the Nigeria Civil Service Union.

Ubani’s appointment followed a protracted legal tussle between members of the union which culminated in a judgment delivered by the NIC.

The letter appointing Ubani as trustee of the union reads:

“Pursuant to Section 19(c) of the National Industrial Court Act, 2006; Order 59 of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (Civil Procedure) Rule, 2017 and the Order contained in the judgement delivered on 25th October, 2019, by His Lordship Hon. Justice Sanusi Kada, in the above subject matter suit, I hereby appoint you, Monday O. Ubani, Esq., as the Public Trustee for the Nigeria Civil Service union (hereinafter referred to as the “Union”} for an initial period of three(3) months, effective from the date of your acceptance of the appointment on the following terms:

To oversee and superintend the running of the administration and finances of the Union.

To convene National Delegates conference of the National Civil Service Union and organize election to elect new executive members in the with the constitution of the Union.

To render an account of your activities within the above specified period in a report to be forwarded to the court immediately after the expiration of the tenure.

To forward a copy of the report to the Honourable Minister of Labour.”

The letter stated that Ubani would be eligible for reappointment for another three months in the event that he was unable to conclude his assignment within the three month period stated above.

The letter further read: “In this event, you shall be required to provide satisfactory reasons why you may be so re-appointed.

“Please note that you are only eligible for re-appointment for another term of three months and not more.

“Your remuneration with respect to the appointment shall be the same amount as payable to the General Secretary of the Union.”

Ubani is expected to forward an acceptance letter to the office of the President of the National Industrial Court of Nigeria, Abuja to confirm that the above terms are acceptable to him.

Some members of the union said they welcomed Ubani’s appointment saying that it would rescue the union from those who were hell bent on destroying it.

The union has employees across the state who are owed salaries following the delay in executing the judgment of the court.

Two members of the union’s executive, Benson Ekasa and Menele Ziadam Nzidee had filed a suit at the NIC to ensure that the union was run in accordance with its constitution.

In a judgment delivered on 25th day of October 2019 by Justice Sanusi Kado, he made an order nullifying the expulsion of the 1st Claimant (Ekasaa) from the union.

He also reinstated the 1st Claimant back to the membership of the union with all the rights and privileges of a member.

He held that the amendment of the union constitution while the case was pending was a nullity.

The judge consequently ordered: “The case file is hereby returned to the Honourable President of the court for appointment of Public Trustee in line with order 59 of the rules of this honourable court.”

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