Allottees alerts Sanwo-Olu to alleged illegal construction works
Allottees alerts Sanwo-Olu to alleged illegal construction works
Allottees alerts Sanwo-Olu to alleged illegal construction works
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Home and land owners at Alma Beach Estate, Lekki, have raised the alarm over on-going construction of several buildings without government permits by suspected land grabbers terrorising the community with policemen and thugs.

The concerned home and land owners have called for urgent intervention of the state governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to stop the illegal activities of the alleged trespassers who they accused of distorting the estate master-plan with indiscriminate building construction under the cover of the police.

The property owners had, in a letter to the Lagos State Building Control Agency (LSBCA) signed by Dr Olumide Famuyiwa, informed the regulatory body of the threat such development posed to residents and safety within the estate.

According to the residents, there was need for urgent intervention of LSBCA for the stoppage of ongoing building construction at Alma Beach Estate. These construction activities are said to be undertaken without Lagos State government building permits, which have great potential to deface the entire neighborhood and distort the Estate Master-plan, which is lodged at the office of the Surveyor-General of Lagos State.

Several bona fide plot owners in Alma Beach Estate, who want to commence development on their plots, have expressed concern on the ‘illegal’ activities, which could adversely impact the value of their properties and have demanded that steps be taken.

According to a statement signed by the Dr Olumide, the assignees and leases have duly registered their several interests with the Lagos State government and obtained Lagos State governor’s consent; and have also obtained or processing the requisite Lagos State Government building construction permits for their respective plots.

To prevent this impending disaster, they, therefore, requested that the Building Control Agency cause officers to conduct thorough verification of building permits and survey plans for ongoing building construction works at Alma Beach Estate with a view to stoppage and sealing of all building construction sites without genuine building permit and survey plan.

Speaking on the concern of the home and plot owners, the estate lawyer, Dr Muiz Banire, SAN said it was absurd for trespassers to build on other people’s plots without authentic survey plans or building approval while the government officials saddled with the responsibility of stopping such anomaly looked the other way.

He added that it could only happen where state officials had been induced and compromised.

He said: “I want to believe Governor Sanwo-Olu has not been properly briefed on the kind of lawlessness going on in Alma Beach Estate, otherwise those sabotaging due process and making a mess of his administration should be facing the music by now.

“How can legal allottees with registered government titles and approved building plans through which the state had earned revenue be prevented from accessing their properties, while land grabbers who have no legal titles or any government approval be having a field day?”

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