Rape Apology is Inexcusable
Rape Apology is Inexcusable
By Alabi Ebenezer 
Rape Apology is Inexcusable
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Rape apology is one of those numerous things besides our untrimmed culture of misogyny and patriarchy that thickens the veils covering the simple truth, the simple fact.
The simple truth is that rape is an inexcusable offence against nature. Over time, we’ve heard of females and males being raped and we’ve grown to the horrifying notion that rape victims are to be blamed for their own mishap usually because they were indecently dressed.

The question then is; what is the ratio of rape cases caused by indecent dressing to those caused by the mental inability of perverts, male and female, to groom their groin? Do we blame the innocent children for indecent dressing as well, or the infants who are victims, or the hawkers running round to make ends meet? Do we blame the Muslim girl, clad in her religious attire for being raped in her house? Do we blame nieces and nephews for indecent dressing when they are being raped by their uncles and aunts? Do we blame daughters for being raped by he who begat them, with whom they should feel safe? Do we blame sons for being molested by the one who birthed them? 

It is unforgivably foolish, to think there is any excuse for offending humanity, for vexing nature, for violent violation and molestation. Whatever interpretation given to a female’s dress is as a result of the preoccupation of the male’s mind. If we all act by sight, we all would have raped, wouldn’t we? The question therefore is; what is the difference between you who would not rape and the individual who chooses to rape? Did you not also see the girl in skimpy and mini dress? Did you not also see the fine young boy, vulnerable and naïve? Does it mean you’d have raped him or her if you got the chance?

Enough of pointing fingers at the victims of rape as though they bargained for it or brought it upon themselves. Focus should be shifted to the assailant. Let’s stop with “the girl was raped”, “the boy was raped” let’s start with “he raped the girl”, “she raped the boy” No apology, no explanation, no justification, vindications or pleas suffice for the psychological, social, personal, psycho-physical disorder that rape bears with it. Let us stop excusing rape, let’s stop vindicating rapists.

Ebenezer, a 200 level Law student of the Lagos State University is the founder of the Bryan Foundation Nigeria, mental health advocacy and orientation NGO.

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