Ogun bans cart pushers over kidnapping, insecurity
Ogun bans cart pushers over kidnapping, insecurity
Ogun bans cart pushers over kidnapping, insecurity
For constituting security threat to residents, Ogun State government has banned activities of waste cart pushers with immediate effect.
In a statement yesterday, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Environment and Chief Executive Officer of the State Waste Management Authority, Mr. Ola Oresanya, said any waste cart pusher caught operating henceforth, will be arrested and his cart crushed. 
Oresanya said recent security report had indicted them of complicity in crimes across the state.
He said: “While operating, our people innocently open their premises and commercial outlets to them for evacuation of their wastes, but unknowingly to them, these cart pushers who are mostly foreigners collate vital information on how to compromise the security of their premises and pass them to the men of the underworld and sometimes join them to rob and terrorise our people.” 
Aside from their security risk, the Special Adviser also accused the waste cart-pushers of defacing the aesthetic beauty of the state by their indiscriminate dumping of refuse on medians and unauthorised places, saying their exit is a good riddance to bad rubbish.
Oresanya therefore called on the residents to patronise Waste PSP in their area for prompt, effective and structured service, adding that the new waste management economic programmes of waste reduction, waste use and waste recycling of the state government are already providing employment opportunities for the youths and the women across the state.

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