Hope in the face of hopelessness
Hope in the face of hopelessness
By J.O.O. Abbe
Hope in the face of hopelessness
These are, indeed, trying times for everyone. Whether we admit it or not, we went through a very tough time in 2020. It seems as though every region in Nigeria was in turmoil. Our government was bereft of ideas on how to solve the myriad of challenges facing us as a nation, while political and social divisions widened. We crossed over into 2021 by the grace of God. May His name be praised forever! We can boldly exclaim just like the Psalmist that: ‘If it had not been the Lord who was on our side, now may Israel (Nigeria) say,’ Psalm 124: 1.

As we enter a New Year, we need God more than ever. I want to enjoin the Church to continue to pray, to ensure that the country does not crash. To be candid, nothing seems to be working in the country. Imagine a man still crawling at 60. The fact that good and purposeful political leadership is indispensable in the development of a country cannot be controverted. We are stuck in the mud of underdevelopment, today, because we lack good leadership.

As a people, we have suffered a lot in the hands of so-called political leaders! Rather than providing the citizenry with basic amenities that will make life more meaningful, they continue to enrich themselves and their children and right before their very eyes, Boko Haram, banditry, kidnapping, rape, ritual killings, corruption and the likes continue to thrive. We should not be surprised that the air is filled with protests and resentment, because the masses are not getting the dividends of democracy. The reaction that is emanating from the masses is in consonance with the scriptures, which says: ‘When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan,’ Proverbs 29: 2.

As we enter 2021, I believe God will stand by us and fight our battles. In the words of Robert Schuller: ‘Tough times never last, but tough people do.’ By His grace, we shall ride over the storms and come out victorious at the end the day.

The hopelessness that took the centre stage in 2020 was as a result of the many negative life situations that dashed our hopes. That hope will be restored in 2021. God, Who is the source of hope, will see us through in this New Year in Jesus’ Name … Amen! It is time for us to go back to God and amend our ways. Let’s depend on Him totally for our survival. It is certain that with Him on our side, we shall conquer if we faint not, Hebrews 4: 15 – 16.

As I welcome you into the New Year, it is my sincere prayers that the year will be a wonderful one for us. May the year be filled with God’s renewed hope and sufficient grace to overcome the challenges of life, and bless us beyond our imaginations in Jesus’ Name!

• His Eminence, Julius Olayinka Osayande Abbe
The Primate of The African Church.

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