Insecurity: A testament of an ailing government
Insecurity: A testament of an ailing government

By Okangla Stephen Peter

Insecurity: A testament of an ailing government

The sanity of a Government is embodied on its product and output, the barometer in measuring the success of a Government hinges on its policies and responsiveness on National issues. The greatest achievement of a Czar is how well he affect and impact positively on the lives of the citizenry, and not the degree of confusion and politics he plays.

The protection of lives and property is a fundamental responsibility of Government and need to be handled with no complacency. Section 14 (2) (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended states: “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government”. If this section of the Constitution is true in spirit and letter, it is an understatement to hold the view that we are doomed under this current administration. In the light of the above, it is necessary to ask ourselves if the Buhari led government is securitizing Nigeria.

This article is an aimed at exposing the state of the Nation and proffering ways Government can overcome the prevailing security challenges in Nigeria.

State OF the Nation

Any Government that sleep and feed in the face of kidnapping, maiming, killing and oppression is directionless, heartless and carefree. It is an ancient truth that the voice of the people is the voice of the gods, hence the voice of the people must be adequately adhered to. There is no doubt that insecurity is a global phenomenon, howbeit the rate of its occurrence in Nigeria is highly condemnable, divisible, non-compactable and non-tolerable. Things are already out of hand hence greater need for all to respond is highly needed. We must get things right if we must live to see tomorrow.

Anyone who thinks straight and well will agree with me that Nigeria is not well. We are all stakeholders in the security of our Nation, hence we must not allow the helmsmen wallow in the desert and ocean of confusion for too long. The spate of killing in Nigeria today have never been pronounced in the history of our Nation save for the 1967-1970 civil war. On daily basis we are murdered senselessly in an alarming rate with no end sight. Kaduna-Abuja highway is now the camping ground of Kidnappers and bandits, it is now a death trap. Katsina and Zamfara are at the mercy of bandits. Adamawa, Yobe and Borno are safe haven for terrorist and their nefarious oppression. In the west and Northcentral herdsmen are on rampage, killing, maiming and destroying with no confrontation from any angle. In the Southeast and South-south cultism and armed robbery sit on the throne. Indeed Things Have Fallen Apart in the words of Chinua Achebe a great literary icon.

Insecurity is an embarrassment to the Nation and generally shows our weakness among comity of Nations. A country where over 300 students was kidnapped from a Government School at a goal only shows great porosity and weakness in our security architecture. It is apt to uphold that no one is safe in Nigeria, both the highly and lowly placed. If truth is not let out on time, we will be building cemetery and digging graves which we won’t be able to cover! The social unrest that characterize our nation is a clear indication that the helmsmen are either not in charge or have run out of ideas. Be that as it may, the current realities in Nigeria are not incorrigible, things can still be normalize if the helmsmen show true commitment to the course of the Nation.

As an optimist and a true believer in the Nigerian project, Government can right the wrongs in the country if the key into the following:

Focus on People Oriented Project: Of a truth, the white elephant project being embark upon by government at different levels is the very cause of insecurity in our Nation. These project don’t benefit the masses. Some of the project embark upon by our leaders are provocative, they masses see it as an avenue to suck public funds. It is needless to build bridges in desert while people live in abject poverty. You can’t fool the people and expect them to be at ease, such idea will boomerang.

Enact Policies that Target the Masses: There are policies out there with empty implementation, while politicians continue to fill their barn at the expense of National Health. To effectively combat crime, Government at all levels must see to the birth of policies that target the masses. Youth must be pull off the street with funds to support their innovations and businesses. Government must build the youth with empowerment. If these steps are appropriately taken, insecurity will suffer.

Desist From Electoral Fraud: It is a well-known fact, home and abroad, far and near that electoral fraud resides in Nigeria. This has ably and effectively thrown away trust and confidence on our leaders. If politicians will repent and stop recruiting thugs to cause mayhem and snatch ballot boxes during election, Nigeria will live. It is painful that the Thugs used during elections turn out to become the very bone in our throat. They are the kidnappers, terrorist, herdsmen that plunder our lives and livelihood today.

Desist from Bribery and Corruption: Bribery and corruption are the worst words in the Nigerian space. Bribery and corruption are responsible for the insecurity in Nigeria. I am not a prophet of doom, but I hold the view that if bribery and corruption is not put to check, Nigeria may cease to exist one day. It is a hard fact and very disturbing to know that terrorism, kidnapping, banditry, and armed robbery are now a commercial enterprise where frustrated youths and individuals venture in to earn a living. In the face of this, the helmsmen lack the moral stand to address this ugly situation because they surf and wallow in the ocean of bribery and corruption.

Declare Emergency on Education Sector and create Employment Opportunities: Illiteracy and unemployment are the very rock that are tearing this Nation apart. In a country were education is suffocating to death, insecurity will wax strong. The education of the child is very key, empowering and employing the child will empty the devil’s workshop and bring an end to insecurity in the country.

Recruit Passionate Nigerians into the Armed Forces and other Security Agencies: It will do more good if passionate Nigerians with the interest of the country at heart are recruited to serve in the military and other security agencies in the country. This will in no doubt strengthen our security structure to effectively combat crimes and other forms of criminalities.


Insecurity is artificially created, it is the aftermath of Government policies and ineffective leadership. A human creation can be humanly addressed. We must not continue to cry and complain without engaging those who are responsible for our woes and doom. “If we continue to sit down look, one day the bad people go come finish us for we house”! We must respond to this ugly phenomenon responsively with a view to finding a lasting solution. Truth be told, no place in Nigeria is safe, we all are sitting on a gun powder. If the helmsmen wants to truly quench the burning fire in Nigeria they must show true commitment and focus on people oriented project, enact policies targeted at the masses, stop electoral fraud, minimize bribery and corruption, build quality education, genuinely empower the masses, create employment opportunities and Recruit Passionate Nigerians into the Armed Forces and other Security Agencies. More importantly, Government must at all times hearken to the voice of the people and heed their call.

Nigeria will rise and overcome the current tempest of insecurity if we all show true commitment to the Nigerian Project and actively play our part as stakeholders in the project, only then will insecurity fade from our dailies.

Okangla Stephen Peter writes from The University of Maiduguri Borno State, Nigeria. He is an unassuming Law Student with great penchant for Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Oil and Gas, International Law, Corporate Practice, Human Rights Advocacy and Lecturing.

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