Ohanaeze Ndigbo: ‘Igbo interest is not negotiable’
Ohanaeze Ndigbo: ‘Igbo interest is not negotiable’
Ohanaeze: ‘Igbo interest is not negotiable’
The World Igbo Congress (WIC) has thrown its weight behind any decision made by the Imo State Chapter of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, in the process of nominating the President General of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo.
In a statement yesterday, the WIC said though it is not contesting the position, Ndigbo in the diaspora must be consulted before a true consensus is assured.
“We are only going to commit our votes to whoever has advocated vociferously for Ndigbo and is willing to resist the political class that has undetermined the right to life of our youths and have also been unwilling to condemn the indiscriminate military attack on our unarmed Igbo youth.
“Leadership by intimidation in our homeland must stop. The youths in the region have suffered the highest death per capita in the country, and we have the highest threat to the life of our youths.”
The body noted that it is not in doubt that Ohanaeze Ndigbo will provide a capable and unimpeachable leader, but “we must know what the consensus agreement is based on, especially when it is put in place by the usual and familiar group. We are expecting leadership with Igbo affirmation and confrontational qualities, no compromise with the adversaries of the Igbo interest.

“The Congress wants to see a statutory funded Ohanaeze Ndigbo by all the eastern states government to avoid political abuse by any state or Federal Government.
“The Ohanaeze is the apex Igbo cultural entity and the leader will no longer be at the negotiating table with his hands tied to his back because the governors can choose to deny the organisation funding because their opinion was ignored.
“Ohaneze leadership must understand that our demand for a true Igbo nation is not negotiable, the shared equity and security of our people are sacrosanct and that cannot be achieved under the present Nigerian configuration,” the statement read.

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