Undeveloped land, invitation to land grabber
Undeveloped land, invitation to land grabber
Undeveloped land, invitation to land grabber
An abandoned building project in Lagos.ASKLEGALPALACE
By Bolaji Ogungbemi

Every Landowners must ensure that their virgin land is either fenced, marked with giant beacons visible to everyone so that land encroacher or unguided land purchaser from fraudsters can easily detect the physical presence of ongoing work on the land.

It is also important that land /property should not be abandon for a very long time because an abandon property is an invitation to land encroachers.

See this life experience story from the angle of the Edo State government.
The state issued a notice to quit to all illegal occupiers of its land ten days ultimatum to quit or forfeit their property. The Chief of Staff to Governor Godwin Obaseki, Taiwo Akerele who read the riot act stated this at the premises of Benin Technical College, Benin City, where several portions of the state’s land have been taken over by businessmen and private developers.

He expressed shock that individuals and groups could convert the land mass allocated to the school and perfected 50 years ago to private uses.“There is a survey plan that was approved in 1966 and signed by the Surveyor General in 1967 that is 50 years ago specifically to accommodate the Benin Technical College. The land starts from opposite Dewosco straight to Ikpoba River and over the years, the school has operated from here. After sometimes, Iyobha College was also established and located within the perimeter of the land, then Eweka Grammar School as well as a primary school.

“ But some people have taken laws into their hands by encroaching into the Benin Technical College land. There is a cattle ranch, a sawmill and temporary shelters but we have seen permanent structures and private houses built inside the land.

This is unacceptable to government. He added: “We are fencing the school 100 percent and we have come to sensitise the people in this place to move out otherwise the property automatically becomes that of government because there is no evidence to show that government actually approved this land to any of them. We don’t want any of them to lose anything particularly those who are doing sawmill and those raring cattle”.

Reacting, some of the occupants claimed they have been there for over two decades and have been paying revenue to Egor local government, stressing that a private developer said the land was sold to him.

I firmly advice that as a landowner or building owner do not abandon your property for a very long time without constant check, supervision, fencing, dropping of visible building materials on the site such as granites, blocks, any many other strategic mapped out plan.

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