El-Rufai disassociate self from 2023 campaign posters
El-Rufai disassociate self from 2023 campaign posters
El-Rufai disassociate self from 2023 campaign posters
Kaduna State governor Nasir-El-Rufai
Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, Friday denied being behind the posting of campaign posters of him as vice presidential candidate in Nigeria’s next presidential election running with Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Amaechi in 2023.

El-Rufai, who was fielding questions from newsmen after he met with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, said he had also called Amaechi who denied knowledge of those printing and pasting the posters.

“I don’t know who is printing those posters, wasting his or her money printing posters,” El-Rufai said. “I heard about them. I called Minister Amaechi, and asked him whether he knew anything about them; he said he didn’t know.

“I think we need to trace who is doing it and ask that person. I am governor of Kaduna State; I have job to do. I haven’t delivered on the promises I made to the people of Kaduna State. Until I do that I don’t want to discuss anything,” El-Rufai said.

On whether he had been approached for the 2023 presidency project, the Kaduna state Governor said that as a politician, people could approach him, but that he would not be sure of what their intentions would be.

“I am in politics. People will approach you, but whether they are genuine or not is another matter and whether you are interested or not is another matter,” El-Rufai said.

He said those who went to court to compel him to contest the election did so to attract attention, insisting that no one can be compelled to do anything against their wish.

“I just want to be the best governor that I can be and satisfy the aspirations of the people of Kaduna State from now to 2023. After 2023, everything is in the hand of God. It is not in the hand of anyone.”

Speaking on other sundry issues, El-Rufai said security was still a big challenge in Kaduna State, despite significant improvement in the area.

“I think the security situation has improved significantly in Southern Kaduna. We still have very big issues with banditry.

“Kidnapping is still a big issue. The air force, the army and the Nigerian police are doing the best that they can to wipe out the bandits from the air and on the ground.

“But it still a big issue, but I’m happy that in the Kaduna Capital Territory, Southern Kaduna and most of the state everything is peaceful and quiet. In Birnin Gwari, Igabi Giwa and Chikun Local Governments are areas where we still have to contend with kidnappers and bandits and the security agencies are doing their best.“

He said the EndSARS protest was peaceful in Kaduna State until hoodlums hijacked it and started looting public and private property.

According to him, about 100 people have been arrested in connection with the protest and would be prosecuted for the part they played in it.

He said: “We have to keep being vigilant and we have to keep working hard because if one person is kidnapped in Kaduna, then the state is still not safe, and we have more than one person being kidnapped every day. So, we are concerned and we are working on it.”

El-Rufai said he was in the Villa to meet with the vice president to discuss the destruction that occurred in Lagos during the EndSARS protests.

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