#EndSARS movement scope
#EndSARS movement scope
The double-edge in EndSARS movement
Nigerians based in South Africa protest outside their embassy in Pretoria on October 21, 2020 in solidarity with Nigerian youth who are demanding an end to police brutality in the form of The Nigerian Police Force Unit, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). (Photo by Phill Magakoe / AFP)

Sir: The scope and tension raised by the EndSARS protest is a sure indication that “An idle mind is a devil workshop.”
People routinely allowed their emotions to get the better of them. The planners of the protest might have started it purely to draw the government’s attention to what has been a threat to their lives and wellbeing. But the manner in which the protest is carried out ended up creating more problems and doing more harm than good to the communities. 

The surprising thing is that the basic request of the protest, to disband the Special Armed Robbery Squad of the police was done soon after the protest started, but strong voices behind the protest have continued to incite their followers to put more pressure on the government by employing new strategies, despite assurances by police authorities that none of the members of the disbanded SARS unit, will be in the newly created SWAT unit.
Our concern is the peace of the country at large. There’s no denial in the fact that this protest is causing serious discord within the societies with an underlying crisis, Plateau State being a typical example. The protest has holistically changed its dimensions to something else. This is partly because the youths have no single voice whose order they followed as they rely more on information from social media. 
However, we do not support opening fire on the protesters as nobody is interested in the unceasing attacks and insecurity situation that became norms in crisis-prone countries. Government should employ all the strategies at its disposal to bring an end to this protest for the peace and stability of the general populace.
Muhammad khalid Idris.

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