COVID-19 lockdown: NBA 2020 And The Burden Of Leadership: Reflections Of A Young Lawyer
COVID-19 lockdown: NBA 2020 And The Burden Of Leadership: Reflections Of A Young Lawyer
By Chika Igwe
COVID-19 lockdown: NBA 2020 And The Burden Of Leadership: Reflections Of A Young Lawyer
Sitting at home after a whole day of lockdown and it feels like my life is standing still while the whole world passes us by. We choose our leaders to guide us through times of difficulty and times of ease. This is why everytime I thank God everyday for connecting me to the NBA Abuja Branch ably led by Mr. Folarin Aluko and his team.

Indeed, it gladdens my heart to see a Branch leadership that is selfless not selfish, humble not proud, simple yet multitasking several complex welfare programs. This is a leadership that is accommodating and that cares so much for the need of its members.

I am neither a politician nor am I clamouring for votes, but myself and many other lawyers owe a standing ovation to the Folarin Aluko-led Unity Bar.

Personally, I have benefited extremely from the various innovative programs. From the Health Care to continuous legal education, discounted flights and other welfare programmes, and now even a Car Scheme. In fact, when I went to last year’s NBA Conference in Lagos, the many sessions looked like repetition to many of us from Abuja Branch because we had treated many of these topics in-depth. Indeed, we can sit and count the many things this Bar has done for Abuja lawyers and beyond. He did all of this without touching 1 naira of the Branch Dues. Yet many lawyers have saved millions from treatment under the health insurance scheme, employment opportunities, mentoring for young lawyers, free capacity building programs and many more all thanks to Mr. Folarin.
As a Subscriber of the Lawyers Health Insurance Plan, I have no fear that if infected by Corona, I will become bankrupt from treatment.

This is what leadership means, it is the type of leadership that the NBA needs. I feel like part of a family and I owe my loyalty to that family. In fact, as a pledge of loyalty, if Unity Bar has an anointed candidate for national election, we all would gladly and without a second thought support such a person.
If Unity Bar could be this responsible, I have no doubt whoever Mr. Folarin and his Team anoint will have the capacity to lead the National Bar to a position of envy, at least replicating the virtues of the Unity Bar at the National level.

I am very sure I can freely bring 50 votes as a way of saying thank you to Unity Bar and I wouldn’t need any person to talk me into doing that as I will shun such person.

God bless Folarin Aluko led NBA Abuja Unity Bar (Primus inter Pares), Res ipsa loquitur,

By Chika Igwe.

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