Corona-Sation Of The World By Ozekhome (2)
Corona-Sation Of The World By Ozekhome (2)
Corona-Sation Of The World By Ozekhome (2)

Last week, I commence our discourse wherein I x-rayed the lessons and predictions from the coronavirus pandemic; humour merchants at work; what a virus is, origins, what a coronavirus is, and explanations given by UNICEF. Today, we shall conclude my expository discourse on a tiny unseen virus that has humbled man and humanity, crippled great nations, sent nearly the entire human race into self-quarantine, and completely grounded commerce, industry, law, science, technology, medicine, arts, culture, leisure, etc. Only life remains for those who still have it.


Corona virus on Aerosol (airborne) = 3 hours; On Cardboard = 24 hours; on plastic or steel = 2 to 3 days.

When someone who is infected with the CORONA VIRUS starts shading it, when he or she coughs or sneezes, the virus is airborne for up to 3 hours.

When the virus lands on a cardboard, it remains alive for up to 24 hours.

When the virus lands on a plastic or steel metal, it remains alive for 2 to 3 days!

One of the cleaning agents that kills the virus is CLOROX or bleach. Lysol also kills it. Rubbing alcohol (not the type to drink) also kills it. Soap easily washes it away but does not kill it effectively as Rubbing alcohol or bleach does.

Laila Ahmadi from China’s Faculty of Medical Sciences, Zanjan University predicts that Corona virus will arrive any country sooner or later and that there is no doubt that many countries do not have any diagnostic kits or equipment. She recommends the use as much as possible, natural vitamin C, to strengthen your immune system. Chloroquine, the long rejected stone is suddenly be exhumed from its near extinction..

According to Professor Chen Horin, CEO of the Beijing Military Hospital, “Lemon slices in a cup of lukewarm water can save your life”. The lemon is cut into three parts and put in a cup, then pour hot water and turn it into (alkaline water), drink it every day. It will certainly be beneficial to everyone.


Itching in the throat, fever, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breathing, dry throat, dry cough, gastrointestinal problems or diarrhea. Symptoms may appear in as few as two days, or as long as 14 days after being exposed to the virus. So, where you notice any of these things, quickly take hot water and drink.


Experts believe that an infected animal may have first transmitted the virus to humans at a market that sold live fish, animals and birds in Wuhan. The market was later shut down and disinfected, making it nearly impossible to investigate which animal may have been the exact origin.


Many people believed that God is simply angry with the world over its many sins. He wants to assert His Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Almightiness. As He did during the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9). I am firmly of this belief also. Our sins are simply unbearable, even to an unusually patient God.

Said one Commentator:

“Covid-19 reminds me of who God is. He has shut down the world like a small village and there is nothing that power or money can do he will reopen it when His time is right. How powerless man is. We live on borrowed time. Let’s worship the Lord.”

Perhaps, the most detailed write-up on this comes from a writer I cannot easily identify. He wrote as follows:

“I address you today as the globe is shaking, the kings and rules of the earth have now known that they are but mere men.

A mere virus have emptied the streets of proud cities. National and international Airlines have been grounded, schools closed, entertainment events closed, even friendly handshakes are now avoided to elbow shakes.

Have you pauses and wondered what is really happening. Why is there so much global panic now.

The thing is, GOD is trying to get the attention of the world. It looks like a final warning from the office of the CEO of the UNIVERSE.

It is a signal that a very big event is about to take place in the globe.

God never does anything without first giving out warnings to alert humanity.

Jesus Christ is coming soon from the skies and all global TV networks will carry it live with commentaries of the event. Revelation 1:7; Matthew 24:29-31.

The world will be divided into three groups of people:

Those who made the rapture and left the earth to be with Jesus Christ in the sky.

Those who are carnal believers that did not make the rapture because they were not prepared for it.

Those who never believed in Jesus Christ before the rapture and they cannot be saved again because the Holy Spirit will not be there to convict them of sin to repent and be saved.

Now, come to think of it, just a mere virus and the whole earth is on panic mode.

Just a virus and businesses are shutting down and streets of cities like London are empty.

Just a virus and citizens of nations cannot move around the way they wish to and all fights from Europe to America are shut down.

Just a virus, and the nations we look to as developed nations are being threatened without bombs.

Just a virus, educational institutions are closed and entertainment centers are closed.

Just a virus and religious sites are closed and Churches are announcing no services till further notice.

Just a virus, and the world market is collapsing and nations are entering into recession with speed.

If an Ordinary virus could do all these, imagine what will be on this earth, the day King Jesus Christ will return in the sky.

Take note, when Jesus Christ appears in the sky, all cars, trucks, air planes, trains and ships driven by prepared saints will have the drivers and pilots ejected by the power of Jesus Christ in the rapture into the sky. And that will cause the greatest crashes of air, road, rail and sea ever. It is a day of gloom and doom.

My GOD! Give us understanding to know what is about to happen to those who will not be raptured on that day.

Corona is a warning alert from heaven to the whole world saying that something of heavy global magnitude is about to happen.

Sir/Ma, brother/sister, make use of this moment by repenting from sin and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it is too late.

2 Corinthians 6:1-2 “The door of mercy is about to be closed finally. It is a fearful thing to think that a man will be lost forever into eternity in a burning hell with brimstone and sulphur when he or she could have just stopped to pray now and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. If you have read this and you are not sure if you are born again, then I urge you to pray now like this:

Dear heavenly Father, I come you as a sinner and I am very sorry for all my sins. I believe today that Jesus Christ is Lord and I believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. Write my name in the book of life and cancel my name from the book of death. I confess. I am saved. Amen.”

From a Chinese Pastor, in a letter sent to a brother in Istabul via friends in Singapore, he wrote in “Quiet China”, thus:

“The hustle and bustle of China finally quieted down, the restless society finally calmed down, and the restless Chinese people gradually calmed down.

The “Wild Animals” that once were held by humans in cage finally managed to keep humans in “Cages”. Humans finally lowered their proud head and begun to think quietly: Are we still the king of the earth? Mankind finally felt power of nature once again.

In the face of the threat of death, human beings have only begun to reflect seriously, only to realize that a lack of awe-inspiring social atmosphere will lead to more harm and more risks.

The greedy heart is being purified by the virus, and the mouth that loves to eat is being punished by the virus. The people who have been soaking in the bright red and green places all day have been driven home by the virus, saying……. “Go home”.

There are fewer and fewer people on the street, few cars on the road, the Air is getting Fresher… the Haze is gone…… the Sky is getting Bluer….. the Sun is getting Brighter….. Family Lives are getting Warmer, Harmonial and Cordial and People’s hearts have become more and more calm.

People who haven’t read for Years have picked up books at home. Parents and children who had no communication with their children, couples who couldn’t speak few words a year have opened up the conversation box. Children who did not know how to respect the elderly has also begun to be filial.

The virus taught human beings a vivid and profound lesson. It made us understand awe. It made us know what is called “Good Times”. It also made us feel true love on earth. It made us gradually fall in love “Return to the Road”, we really should be grateful for this “Enemy” we need such “enemy” to give us “Reminder” and give us “Empowerment”.

The virus will not leave so quickly. It needs to see the “Cultivation” of human’s good habits, and the virus will not continue to rag, because “Human love will gather more power” to keep the virus away, time will tell us everything. Time will also prove what is right.



 “It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.” (Aesop).


I am grateful to my numerous readers, locally and globally, for always keeping a date with the Sunday Sermon on the Mount of the Nigerian Project, by humble me, Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, OFR, FCIArb., Ph.D, LL.D. Pray, look forward to next week’s illuminating disquisition. May God save us

free from COVID-19, Amen.

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