Technology taking over legal space, lawyer call for legal visibility
Technology taking over legal space, lawyer call for legal visibility
Technology taking over legal space, lawyer call for legal visibility
Some legal professioners, international commercial and business law experts have suggested specialisation and technology as tools for visibility in the legal industry.

It is noted that for greater implementation of technology laws to safeguard data.

At the Legal Business Conference themed, ‘Leveraging Technology to Build a Profitable Law Practice’ in Lagos.

The Managing Partner, Bolajilegal & Associates, David Ogungbemi, said leveraging technology in the legal practice requires understanding of legal framework, policy, technological development, existing substantive laws, and transactions.

“Technology is beginning to play in more complex markets like health care, among others. Technology law helps society and government make sense of the system.

“We need to understand that there are emerging technologies, how they apply to the law and how the law applies to them,” he said.

Ogungbemi, further more noted that such programmes provide opportunities to network and ask questions from experts for the purpose of growth.

He noted that technology instruments, such as tools for reporting, softwares for drafting and review of contracts, have contributed to enhancement of the legal profession in Nigeria.

Ogungbemi advised young lawyers to embark on ICT trainings and programmes that would help build their career.

On regulations, he noted that data protection regulation specifies the roles of lawyers, organisations and individuals to ensure data protection.

Chairman, Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Lagos branch, Yemi Akangbe, urged lawyers to see the practice as a profession and a business, stressing the need to consciously offer value in the industry.

He also called on young lawyers to practice general law before specialising to maintain relevance in the profession.

According to Akangbe, law industry is built on knowledge. He therefore urged practitioners to leverage on acquiring it to build capacity.
 Lawyers were urged on due diligence in growth process, especially through study.

“Put out verifiable content on the media platforms. Go a little deeper to show you are really aware of your area of specialization,”

That technology is taking over the legal space globally.

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