Ex-Appeal Court Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa Tasks Governments On Welfare Of Judicial Officers
Ex-Appeal Court Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa Tasks Governments On Welfare Of Judicial Officers
Ex-Appeal Court Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa Tasks Governments On Welfare Of Judicial Officers
The immediate past president of the Court of Appeal, Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa, has called for the promotion of the welfare of judges for optimal performance.
Bulkachuwa said an effective and reliable judicial system demands a suitable system for the welfare of judges.
According to her, no institution can afford to overlook the aspect of welfare and training with regards to its members of staff.
There has been a continuous emphasis on these points in Nigeria’s Court of Appeal, she noted, expressing the optimism that a day will come when those challenges would be overcame. She spoke during the public presentation of a book tittled: ‘Court of Appeal: 40 years and Counting’ at a conference of the Court of Appeal justices in Abuja.
Justice Bulkachuwa, who wrote the FinalWord of the book, said: “The Court of Appeal is an on-going project and our greater years are still ahead as the title of this book suggests. This book captured the various activities of the Court from inception to date. Our highs and lows were clearly articulated, including our story and history.
“It is a worthy venture and on a final note, I recommend it as an authoritative reference material for legal practitioners, judges, those in the academia, policy makers, researchers, students and the general public”.
The 446 page book written by an Abuja based lawyers, Lillian Okenwa and Kirsten Okenwa, gives a compelling account of the Court’s story with three exciting chapters detailing some of its notable pronouncements.
The book cites law reports and newspaper headlines, it also introduces notable decisions of the Court and its positive impact on the rule of law. Chapters two and three covers notable decisions while chapter seven delves into some of the first and/or earlier judgments delivered, grouped by the divisions of the Court. It opens with a brief on the political climate in Nigeria in the 1960s and 70s; as well as events leading to its establishment and structure.
Former president of the Court, Justice Umaru Abdullahi who wrote the foreword had this to say: “This book in a very simple language brought out clearly, not only the history and the story of the founding fathers of the Court, as well as the numerous developments it went through over the years, it also clearly highlighted the position of the Court in the scheme of things, namely its hierarchy in the Nigerian judicial system, its responsibilities and indeed its importance and contribution in the national development, particularly to the development of rule of law.”

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