Woman Claims To Be Beyonce After She Was Arrested For Stealing Car
Woman Claims To Be Beyonce After She Was Arrested For Stealing Car
A woman in New Mexico, United States was arrested Saturday morning after she allegedly stole a car and then claimed to be American popstar Beyoncé when confronted by police officers.

According to Fox News and Las Cruces Sun News, 48-year-old Surena Henry was spotted by a police officer in a stolen car two hours after the owner of the car had reported that car was missing from his apartment complex. An officer saw Henry in the car and tried to pull her over.

Henry ignored the officer and drove home, the report said. She was found by a different officer who confronted her but she reportedly refused to give her real name. She claimed to be Beyoncé Knowles.

Police said officers had to use fingerprints to properly identify her.

Henry admitted to found the keys inside the car and took it on a joyride, according to court documents. She reportedly said she didn’t feel like stopping when she saw the emergency lights.

Court records show Henry was arrested in March 2019 and January 2020 for being in possession of stolen vehicles. The 2019 case was dismissed by the judge before it went to trial.

Henry was released on a recognizance bond on Monday.

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