Eviction lawsuit against firm adjourned till February 26
Eviction lawsuit against firm adjourned till February 26
Eviction lawsuit against firm adjourned till February 26
Lagos Magistrate Court, Igbosere will on February 26 hear the case between Mbanefo Ladies Investment Limited and Express Multi-Concept Resources (EMR) Group Limited.The plaintiff is seeking court’s consent to evict its tenant, Multi-Concept Resources (EMR) Group Limited for breach of its tenancy agreement. 

In its suit number MCL/1488/2019, the plaintiff claimed that Express Multi-Concept Resources (EMR) Group Limited, owned by Ms. Adenike Fowowe had been a bad tenant who had breached its two-year agreement. 

Specifically, the company claimed that EMR is owing arrears of rent and sub-leased its property in Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos.

It pointed out that EMR had refused to give up the premises one year after the expiration of the tenancy agreement despite lawful requests to do so. 

EMR had filed a counterclaim denying the landlord’s claims. It also alleged that it was being owed N10 million for renovations it carried out on the property. 

It claimed that it changed the roof of the building and carried out other civil works on the property for which it was being owed. 

However, the plaintiff has filed a statement of defence, refuting the defendant’s counterclaims describing them as “vexatious, frivolous, gold-digging and lacking in merit.

It said that it was meant solely to mislead the court. 

But in a twist, EMR hurriedly and surreptitiously began to erect walls to cover the roof it claimed to have changed and also affect other changes to give the appearance that its claims were valid. 

The plaintiff said it would on the day of the trial bring to the notice of the court the fact that the defendant’s actions are subjudice and that its managing director’s counter-claim sworn on oath was disrespectful and an abuse of the court.

It also intends to tender pictures of the ongoing renovations and seek a restraining order against the defendants not to make any further alterations to the property until the final determination of the case.

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