Murder: Ikorodu, man commits suicide after killing wife, son
Murder: Ikorodu, man commits suicide after killing wife, son
Murder: Ikorodu, man commits suicide after killing wife, son
In a series of shocking events that have thrown the family, friends and neighbours of the Enifa family residing at 12, Obafemi Eruja Street, behind Solebo Estate, Ikorodu, Lagos into a state of confusion and agony, Charles Enifa strangled his wife and son before taking his own life.

Narrating what must have led to this terrible incident, a neighbour who didn’t want to be named, said it was a result of jealousy amid accusations of infidelity and a dispute in the paternity of their last son (name withheld).

According to the neighbour, Charles, 40, from Imo State had been accusing his wife, Faith, 35, of sleeping around with other men in the area and that their last son was not his.

“We have separated them severally in the past because he was always fighting her, accusing her of infidelity and sleeping around. The last time they fought, he said their last born, the boy, was not his child and Faith should show him the father of the child or else ‘blood would flow’. We just took it that he was angry and did bot really mean what he said literally.

“To be honest, we had gotten tired of delving into their matter. So, in the early hours of yesterday morning when we heard loud sounds coming from their room, we didn’t get involved. After a few minutes, we didn’t hear anything so we thought they have settled their issues until later in the morning when we heard their two older children shouting for help,” the source said.

The two older children, Success, 12, and Favour, 10, discovered the lifeless bodies of their parents and younger brother when they woke up and were the ones that raised alarm. The children who were crying uncontrollably said they slept throughout the commotion and the neighbour said it was possible they were drugged before their father committed the heinous act.

Charles, who was a commercial motorcyclist before murdering his family and killing himself, was well known to be very jealous and was constantly accusing his wife of sleeping around. One of the police officers at the scene who pleaded anonymity said they were going to carry out further investigations but preliminary investigations carried out at the scene showed that Faith was strangled with a rope and stabbed severally to death while the young boy on the couch was strangled with his hands.

“The other children would be tested to confirm if they were indeed drugged so they could sleep deeply as they said they didn’t hear anything and only woke up this morning to see their father hanging from the ceiling and tried to wake their mother who was found on the floor. When they couldn’t wake their mother or brother, it was then they raised alarm and the neighbours forced the door open to the terrible scene,” he said.

The bodies of both mother and child were bagged and taken away to the morgue while the father’s body was left there as the family said sacrifices and rituals had to be carried out before the body could be brought down and disposed of. A family member who identified himself as the wife’s older brother took the surviving children away, saying he had nothing to say about the incident. The police said they would reveal more information when they have it and were waiting for the rituals to be completed.

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