Who do I sue in a civil case
Who do I sue in a civil case

Can i sue a criminal
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I will not bore you with the definition of parties in legal suit. Persons to sue are refers to as parties, who claim are made against in the court. 

A court of law can only resolve disputes if the right persons are before it to contest the claim. 

In a civil suit there are Proper Parties these are parties who are directly involved in the cause of action; parties who claim for themselves or in a representative capacity; Desirable Parties – these are person or persons not originally party nor necessary for the determination of the suit but nevertheless needs be a party in order to be bound because the decision of the court may affect him/her and also a Necessary Parties – these are persons whose presence is necessary for the complete determination of issues and dispensation of justice in the matter. 

Person made parties not for their involvement in the cause of action but by virtue of their office. If principal parties sue or are sued however, it may be an irregularity that may be waived. 

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